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Asthma Concept Map

To get the most benefit from this map;

  1. Start by watching the 5-minute explanation video. This will show you how to read the map and what are the key points that you have to focus on during your study.
  2. Study asthma concept map.
  3. Finally, to revise the map later on, listen to the video without watching, pause occasionally to test your ability to recall the details.

Explanation Video

Map Overview

asthma concept map
Asthma Concept Map

This map begins with the etiology and triggers of asthma linked with the pathophysiology, then the signs and symptoms which are represented collectively in a single drawing, so they couldn’t be forgotten.
Move with the dotted arrow from the severity of symptoms to Classification of asthma according to the severity, then to the diagnosis. After that, comes the lower part of the map with the treatment including a table for the pharmacological treatment & another table for steps of management.

Classification of asthma is spread all over the map in 3 tables:
– according to the etiology, on the right of “Etiology”
– according to the severity, linked with “Signs & Symptoms”
– according to the control, after “Treatment”

Order the map

You can order the Asthma concept map in any of the following forms according to your preference. Our maps are comprehensive in a way that can benefit both students and clinicians.

This map is available in two forms;
1. Printable version.
2. Whole map version.

Check them out below to know the difference, so that you can choose what is suitable for you. And please feel free to leave your feedback, comments, or questions in the comments section below.

Asthma Concept Map by Maha Atef, B Pharm
Last updated on: 30 January 2011

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