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Welcome To Zoom out – Pharmacotherapy

Let’s study diseases easily through a “One Picture” view for each disease!

Know more about the idea of Zoom out from this 3-minute video:

With a massive amount of information you have to study about each disease, it is easy to find yourself stuck with a studying material that may provide all information required but not helpful for studying, memorization, and preparation for exams and/or practical life.
At Zoom out – Pharmacotherapy, our aim is to represent diseases in a creative way that provides meaningful learning dedicated to improving clinicians’ practice with a focus on pharmacotherapy and disease management. Our maps will help you understand diseases and pharmacotherapy, memorize and recall information easily, and improve your practice.

What is Pharmacotherapy?

Pharmacotherapy is the practice of treating diseases with medication.

What to “Zoom Out”?

When you “Zoom Out” a picture, you most probably see it from all its sides with all its related contents. And when you “Zoom Out” a map, you can find the best way to reach point (Y) starting from point (X) and so on. This is because the map is made to be “one unit” with every possible connection between far and near locations.

Zoom out – Pharmacotherapy is made on the basis of (Concept Mapping) and (Mind Mapping) techniques.  The idea is based on building knowledge upon each other and linking information. And finally, representing every disease as one unique large picture that links all aspects of the disease including definition, etiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, etc. Representing a disease as “One Unit” with every possible connection between information is an essential factor for achieving a better understanding of diseases and better case management during practice.

How Zoom out can make your study effective?

1) The maps are brain-friendly

Concept maps and mind maps are very effective tools for studying and memorization. They assess meaningful learning; connecting between information in a logical way that matches brain structure and makes it easy for your brain to keep information for a long period of time.
Have you ever noticed the similarity between a map and your brain neurons? This is what makes concept mapping and mind mapping effective and this is what makes them brain-friendly.

Brain Neuron

2) One map equals +20 pages of your textbook

Imagine that you are studying a disease from one paper that provides you with information collected from about 20 pages. So the knowledge you gain from one large “Zoomed out” page is the same found in a 20-pages chapter from your textbook. This is a real challenge that makes Zoom out maps unique regarding the content of the map. Zoom out maps are not outline maps; they contain detailed information that you need to prepare for your exams or your practice. You can replace too many pages from a book with a comprehensive map that has the same content represented in a creative way.

3) Practical decision making starts with a map

If you are a student, then Zoom out maps will guide you towards effective “medical decision making”. This means that the map with its logical organization of knowledge will help you set your mind to work in a logical way during practice. And if you are already practicing as a clinician, then our maps will help you refresh your knowledge and maximize your ability to use them in practice. At Zoom out – Pharmacotherapy, we focus on narrowing the gap between theoretical knowledge (that you gain to pass your exams) and practical life. 

How do we make Zoom out maps?

  1. We build information upon each other, i.e. building upon existing / prior knowledge. e.g.: the pathophysiology is build upon the normal physiology.
  2. We make links between related information.  e.g.: the pathophysiology is linked to diseases’ signs and symptoms.  Besides, diseases’ pathophysiology is linked treatment.
  3. We use table comparisons to compare between medications if needed.
  4. We use expressive images and clip arts.

Who can benefit from this site?

This site helps whoever studies, practices, or teaches pharmacotherapy, therapeutics, or disease management.
Whether you are in pharmacy, medical, or nursing fields, you will find Zoom out – Pharmacotherapy useful for you.

Zoom out diseases’ maps will help you to:

  1. Understand and study diseases effectively.
  2. Easily recall the knowledge you gained about a certain disease.
  3. Make the right decision about a corresponding medical situation.

Who are zooming out?

We are a team of pharmacists who are interested in the science of pharmacotherapy, which is represented through this site. At this site we are trying to help whoever experiences difficulty understanding and memorizing diseases and their corresponding treatment approaches. We are convinced with the idea of connecting information together and making links between it, to prevent its escape from minds, so we are presenting diseases using the concept mapping and the mind mapping methods to help in dealing with “information explosion!” in the field of pharmacotherapy. We really hope that you find this site helpful.

Founder & Editor:

Maha Atef Hassan, B Pharm
Pharmacovigilance specialist in a pharmaceutical company. 
Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy, ASU.
Diploma in TQM for Healthcare Reform, AUC.
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Hagar Mohammed Abdel’al, B Pharm 
Egyptian Professional Diploma From ICC: Health Care Management, New Trends and Practical Applications in Family Medicine, 2010.
Community Pharmacist.
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Mai Mahmoud Mehanna, MS, BCPS 

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Your comments and suggestions for new content and topics are always welcomed. Please feel free to contact us.