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Osteoporosis Concept Map – Printable Version


  • The map is split into pages to be printed on six A4 papers. After printing them, you can tape the edges together to make a folded poster.
  • .pdf file for the printable version of the map will be available for download immediately after the payment is received.
  • To know more about the content of this map, please visit the map’s page.

The aim of this map is to cover the pharmacotherapy of osteoporosis in an easy and interesting way that will help you understand the topic and memorize it. The map will help you relate and link pathophysiology, definition, epidemiology, classification, risk factors, clinical presentation, treatment, and prevention of osteoporosis.

This map is an effective study guide for students and clinicians who prefer to study diseases and therapeutics in a logical visual way.

To know more about the content of the osteoporosis map, please visit the map’s page.


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